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From: Ricardo Gomez (
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 19:31:13 AST

Hola Mistic@s

Reenvio esta nota a solicitud de Robert Valantin, quien como algunos de
ustedes ya saben, se va de IDRC despues de 22 aņos para trabajar con el
Global Development Gateway...

Tal vez su presencia alli ayude a darle un poco mas de realismo a esta
iniciativa del Banco Mundial.

Ricardo Gomez

>Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 17:55:43 -0500
>To: "Open Forum on Telecentres and Development" <>
>From: Robert Valantin <>
>Subject: Global Development Gateway: Editorial Advisory Committee
>(Please excuse duplication if you get this twice).
>"Content" is what really drives the Web. And relevant, timely content is
>what motivates users everywhere in the world to access (and sometimes to
>build) Internet-based information systems and online communities.
>I am writing today to solicit your suggestions for people who can help in
>shaping the content policies for a unique international development
>initiative, the Global Development Gateway.
>The Gateway is being designed to help a wide range of users more easily
>identify and access content useful for their daily lives, their work, and
>other development- related activities. A prototype is under active
>development; research and experimentation are being carried by a team in
>the World Bank, and by partners in both the North and the South.
>Like other initiatives involved in electronic publishing, online media, Web
>portals, and access to both "new" and existing sources of development
>information, the Gateway is confronting a number of issues. Some of these
>deal with content management, editorial policy, standards, copyright and
>legal matters, access fees and financial matters, and partnership
>structures and models.
>To help guide its work in this area, the Gateway is convening an interim
>Editorial Advisory Committee; the terms of reference are attached to this
>message. The Committee will include a mix of professionals from developed
>and developing countries, familiar with current and evolving practices in
>the electronic publishing and media world and/or knowledgeable about the
>very real and practical problems facing users and suppliers of development
>information of all types (and in various media), especially in developing
>The Gateway welcomes your suggestions for members of this committee. Please
>include the name, contact details, background, and qualifications of the
>person in question, as well as a brief statement about why you think he or
>she could contribute. To help us develop an initial list of candidates,
>send this information to by 22 January 2000. To
>keep informed on progress with this committee and other aspects of the
>Gateway, visit
>Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.
>Robert Valantin
>P.S. Some of you may know me from my work over the past two decades on
>Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Development at
>Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Or you may have
>seen my name in conjunction with recent activities of the Global Knowledge
>Partnership (GKP). For your information, I am joining the Gateway team in
>Washington at the end of January. One of my particular interests there
>will be Research and Development (R&D), especially R&D which can be carried
>out by developing country partners. I look forward to working with many
>colleagues and friends from around the world as part of this very
>challenging initiative.
>Development Gateway
>Editorial Advisory Committee
>Terms of Reference
>The Global Development Gateway is an international initiative designed to
>bring together the best ideas, opinions, and resources on development
>issues - through the use of Internet technologies, knowledge partnerships
>and community building processes. The Gateway aims to open new ways of
>thinking about global and local development problems, address issues
>related to poverty, and expand opportunities for gaining knowledge.
>Designed to be transparent and inclusive, the Gateway encourages posing and
>addressing of issues, participation by the broadest range of stakeholders,
>and integration of data and resources in new and useful ways. Users range
>from international policy makers to researchers, project managers, local
>government authorities, private sector representatives, community
>organizations, the media, and others.
>Initially housed in the World Bank, the Gateway will become part of an
>independent nonprofit organization. Once established, the governance of
>the new independent entity will ensure that material on the Gateway
>represents the widest possible range of opinions and perspectives on issues
>such as poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, globalization,
>institutional reform, indigenous peoples, aid effectiveness, corruption,
>health care, education, etc. To assist the Gateway Team in making
>informed editorial decisions in preparation for full launch - planned for
>July 2001 - and initial development of the site, the Gateway is forming an
>Editorial Advisory Committee. The Committee's Terms of Reference are as
>The Editorial Advisory Committee will provide guidance on the prototype
>development of the Gateway (located at )with
>reference to systems of content management, editorial policies, publication
>standards and content partnership structuring. It will examine and propose
>ways to enhance participation by communities and experts, and to ensure the
>highest quality of content possible. Of particular interest will be
>identification of user needs, and the appropriate use of technology to
>serve those needs.
>Members will identify issues and propose specific approaches to achieving
>the goals of the site and preserving its principles (i.e. maintaining
>independence, dealing with material that does not meet minimum standards,
>creating working arrangements with content providers, etc.)
>Members will draw on their professional experience and network connections
>to solicit opinion and feedback on the Gateway as it develops.
>The Committee will have six to eight members, who agree to serve for the
>period January 1 through December 31, 2001, unless otherwise stipulated by
>the Board of Governors. Members will be selected by the Gateway team using
>the following criteria:
>- Recognized expertise in publishing and/or digital technologies;
>- Knowledge of international development issues;
>- Experience working with one or more of the Gateway's major=
>such as donor agencies, civil society organizations, or private sector
>service providers; and
>- Willingness to commit time and talent to guiding development of the
>Gateway, both as part of the scheduled meetings and on an as-needed basis.
>The Committee will convene once, either in Washington, D.C., or in another
>suitable city, and will conduct between two and six additional virtual
>meetings through audio or video teleconferences to review developments in
>the work program, advancements in information technologies and content
>management, and other strategic issues of relevance to the Gateway.
>Members may also be contacted on an as-needed basis for advice or opinions
>on specific questions or proposals.

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