MISTICA: Digital Divide solutions of HP and TeltecGlobal

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Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 11:21:40 AST

>Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 11:34:58 -0800
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>Subject: HP and TeltecGlobal
>HP Chairman Addresses Creating Digital Dividends Conference
>Company Announces World e-Inclusion Milestones to Deliver Internet-enabled
>Solutions to Poor in Developing Countries
>TeltecGlobal Project <>
>HP and TeltecGlobal plan to work together to deploy telecenters and
>in-village services for the rural poor, helping to spur micro enterprise
>and economic development, including distance learning, telemedicine,
>banking, communications, and access to world markets. A similar project is
>underway in partnership with the Foundation for Sustainable Development of
>Costa Rica -- led by former President Jose Maria Figueres Olsen. HP is also
>pursuing a project with Professor Muhammad Yunus' Grameen Bank to develop
>village telecenters -- this time in Bangladesh -- with an initial focus
>on reducing infant mortality and developing efficient transfer of funds,
>especially for individuals and small businesses.

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