MISTICA: "ICTs and the MDGs: On the Wrong Track?"

From: Roxana Goldstein (roxanagoldstein_at_yahoo.com.ar)
Date: Fri May 13 18:07:09 2005

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Richard Heeks <mzdssrbh@manchester.ac.uk> escribió:

>De: "Richard Heeks" <mzdssrbh@manchester.ac.uk>
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>Fecha: Fri, 13 May 2005 17:16:30 +0100
>Asunto: [bellanet-l] ICTs and the MDGs: On the Wrong Track?
>ICTs and the MDGs: On the Wrong Track?
>There is much current talk about the relationship between ICTs and the
>Millennium Development Goals. But .. .. have we too readily assumed that
>the MDGs are the priority for application of ICTs?
>The MDGs themselves can be challenged, or at least questioned: there are
>alternative development paths.
>Similarly, development may be better served by applying ICTs to other goals.
>A short paper on this issue is available at:
>I would like to find more writings and evidence about this, particularly:
>a) material questioning the MDGs, and
>b) material questioning MDG-related application of ICTs.
>Any pointers to such material would be much appreciated.
>Richard Heeks

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