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> Research Practice
>New Trans-disciplinary Journal Launched
>Journal of Research Practice (JRP)
>DP Dash, PhD
>Xavier Institute of Management
>Xavier Square
>Bhubaneswar 751013
>Email: professor_dash@yahoo.co.uk
>Homepage: http://www.ximb.ac.in/~dpdash/
>A diverse group of academic scholars, research students, and
>research-inclined professionals have come together to launch a new
>peer-reviewed electronic journal to supplement various initiatives to
>build research capacities around the world. The inaugural issue of the
>Journal of Research Practice: Innovations and Challenges in Multiple
>Domains (JRP) is available at http://jrp.icaap.org/ in an Open Access
>mode, i.e., full-text access is available to everyone, free of charge.
>The journal seeks to (a) connect research-inclined persons working in
>different disciplinary, institutional, and practical contexts and (b)
>through this, extend the practice of research to progressively newer
>territories. Both these aims are expected to facilitate the wider purposes
>of promoting research education around the world and innovative forms of
>research in different socially relevant areas.
>JRP is published by the International Consortium for the Advancement in
>Academic Publication, ICAAP, which is a research and development
>organisation devoted to the advancement of electronic scholarly
>communication. ICAAP is a prominent facilitator of the Open Access
>movement today. It is located at Athabasca University, Edmonton, Alberta
>The editorial board comprises two editors, supported by a
>multidisciplinary team. The editors are: DP Dash (the author of this
>article) and Héctor R. Ponce (Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Facultad
>de Administración y Economía, Santiago, CHILE). The editorial team is
>fairly international in character, representing countries such as
>Australia, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, India, Israel, Japan, The
>Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, UK, and USA.
>Here is a
>list of the articles published in the inaugural issue (Volume 1, Issue 1,
>2005); these articles are available freely on the JRP Web site:
>Journey of Research Practice (DP Dash and Héctor R. Ponce)
>Revisiting Science in Culture: Science as Story Telling and Story Revising
>(Paul Grobstein)
>Digital Video as Research Practice: Methodology for the Millennium (Wesley
>Shrum, Ricardo Duque, and Timothy Brown)
>Playful Collaborative Exploration: New Research Practice in Participatory
>Design (Martin Johansson and Per Linde)
>Investigating the Research Approaches for Examining Technology Adoption
>Issues (Jyoti Choudrie and Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi)
>Can Nature Teach us Good Research Practice? A Critical Look at Frederic
>Vester's Bio-Cybernetic Systems Approach (Werner Ulrich)
>This whole enterprise is a testimony to the wonders of the digital
>communication technology that has promoted cooperation at such a global
>scale. Every research-oriented individual and institution, and every
>research student working anywhere in the world is invited to explore
>"fruitful connections" with this initiative.

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