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Web Networks is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the social change community in Canada. Providing a full range of Internet-based services, we assist groups in creating successful online strategies from simple navigation to Intranetworking to Internet promotion. We provide the most comprehensive communications tools & resources for non-profits in Canada.

Web Networks Community Resource Centre

Our centre piece is the Community Resource Centre - a unique WWW-based information and action clearinghouse. With both public and "members only" access, the Community Resource Centre is a doorway to a rich wealth of tools and information relevant to the needs of the social change community in Canada.

Full Internet Provider

Sure you can get your Internet access anywhere, but when you buy from Web Networks you're supporting Canada's online social change community. Our prices are competitive, our modems are fast, our service is reliable and we offer local dial-up in over 20 major Canadian cities. Our Internet access is provided in cooperation with iStar Internet.

WWW Site Development

Web Networks provides a complete WWW site development service including page design, graphics, forms, CGI scripting, database and search services, secure connections, site statistics, domain name registration, hosting services, site maintenance and more. Whether your project is big or small, Web Networks will help you make an impact on the WWW.

Training and Capacity Building

Training is the key ingredient for any online strategy. Web Networks provides seminars and hands-on training geared to providing groups with the foundations on which to build their Internet strategies. From basic Internet navigation, through online collaboration and to more advanced WWW site maintenance training, Web Networks can help you build your organization's capacity.

Building Online Communities

Web Networks enhances a community's ability to communicate and cooperate more effectively online by providing vital communications tools for people working in thousands of Canadian non-profit organizations, educational institutions, government bodies and businesses. Web's online world provides a forum for discussion of issues related to the work and interests of its users


I'm definitely interested in sharing what we at APC are doing and in being part of a larger debate. As you know, the partnership we are developing with AMARC and Videazimut fits well within the framework of what you are focussing on.

Web is APC's partner in Canada. They offer to provide electronic support to the work of the network, and verbally expressed more interest than what was returned in writing. Web is also part of alliance with AMARC, Videazimut and Federation of Independent Media.

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