Deep Dish TV Network

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339 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012


Deep Dish (as in parabolic and apple or pizza pie) is a national satellite network, linking access producers and programmers, independent video makers, activists, and people who support the idea and reality of a progressive television network.

We assemble material from producers around the world and transmit it to community television stations and home dish owners nationwide. Where commercial networks present a homogenous and one-dimensional view of society, Deep Dish thrives on diversity. Instead of television that encourages passivity, Deep Dish distributes creative programming that educates and activates. Please see our visual representation of how this works: Recipe for Success.

Deep Dish is programmed on more than 300 cable systems around the country as well as selected public stations. Many stations run Deep Dish in several time slots each week, reaching audiences at various times on different days. Cities as well as small towns including three million home satellite owners throughout North America can pick up weekly transmissions of programs.


Contacted, no reply yet. Active in grassroots communication and technology issues. Member of Videazimut.

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