Since our very beginning, Haiti is found in the natural range of our activities because it is located in the neighbourhood of the main office of FUNREDES.

Haití is integrated in all the regional projects worked out by FUNREDES, like the REDALC project and other projects in The Caribbean.

Towards the creation of the investigation network of Haití:

REHRED project, Conferences and workshops of formation, Haiti-l, electronic list

Concerning the pre-study REDALC it was decided to launch the project of investigational networks in Haiti. A document about the project of investigation networks for Haiti

This plans of the time before 1992 have been paralized by the difficult political situation after the problems in 1991.

In 1993 a workshop about the integration of networks in The Caribbean and Cuba was organized, in which a group of active organizations investigating in Haiti had to participate.
Finally that workshop didn't take place. Instead another workshop about the preparation of the Haitian Investigation Network (REHRED) was held.
Look at the
final information about the REHRED workshop.

As a result of the workshop held in Santo Domingo, the Initiative Group of REHRED founded. In this group participate mainly ONG's with a strong emphazis on investigation in their working field.

In the same year, 1993, the electronic list Haiti-l was launched.

Since 1993 until today FUNREDES has maintained a strong and permanent relation of support with the Iniciative Group of REHRED.
This relation is changing into a convention.

This group has developed the base organizations and institutions for the creation of the telematic network and has worked out actions for formation based on the REDALC methodology.

Look at the publications: "Toward the Haitian Network"
Pimienta, D., Internet Society News, Vol.2, No.2, 1993

The Haitian Network of Investigation and Development - REDRED - was formally introduces on May, 1996, with more than 25 institutions as members and other 20 waiting for integration.

As well FUNREDES has worked out some actions in its favour like a "Conference of sensibleness about the New Information and Communication Technologies for Universities and ONGs" in November 1994.

In 1995 the 'Cristian Aid' was supported to publish a document of the REHRED project created and adapted as proposition to the European Community in collaboration with another ONG - ENDA Caribe.

With the same support a Conference of sensibleness (one day) and a two day "Workshop to form/educate users of electronic mail - REHRED, November 1995" where organized. The profit flew into the REHRED network.

In June 1996 FUNREDES realized a workshop about network administration (political, administrative, strategical, organisative, institutional aspects, ...) for REHRED. At the same time a introduction lecture about the creation of information resources was held.

1994 in the field "formation for the Caribbean networks of Human Rights" a formation of the economical centre of human rights, CEDH in Port-au-Price, Haiti.

Telematic situation in Haití 1996

During 1996 FUNREDES has been contacted by two organizations interested in developing actions for the development of telecommunication tools for investigation and education in Haiti:
The AUPELF - network of francofonic universities - and the 'Fundación Conocimiento y Libertad' - FOKAL. FUNREDES realized various missions for AUPELF and proposed scemes for a synergical action between all these different institutions. Now AUPELF is building the first no-commercial node in Haiti and is moving temporarily to REHRED.

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