Santo Domingo, August 5th, 1996


The information sources Anonymous FTP, GOPHER and WWW of FUNREDES represent all the material that has been created since the very start of our project. In this way we hope to conserve the memory of the foundation with the purpose of sharing it with people interested in:

The content of our information system is unique (more than 200 documents), it covers a bright variety of issues about development and the Internet in the South.

To process and organize this amount of information requires a lot of will and power, especially for an ONG with limited possibilities. We decided to no longer delay the publication of our information system though we know that we'll need some weeks more to complete the recollection, description, translation, and organization of all the contents. We hope you'll understand that and you'll be pacient.

We think this material could be interesting for:

Organization of FUNREDES' information system

Our information system consists of three levels: Anonymous FTP, GOPHER and WWW allow the user to access the same information in different ways (See technical information).


  1. An anonymous FTP-Server lets users access the documents directly in different directories (proyectos, ponencias, publicaciones, notas de correo, misceláneos), following table (1).
         URL     :
         login   : anonymous
         password: (your e-mail address)

    Note: People who only have an e-mail access can use FTP-mail.


  2. A gopher-server lets the user navigate in a menue-structure to find a file. The menue consists out of:
         URL: gopher://


  3. A WWW-Server lets users navigate via hypertext links to find the information he/she is looking for.

    Note: The documents about 'Projects' and 'Publications' can be found under 'Activities'.


(1) File-Nomenclature used by the FTP-Server:
	Metodology					METO
	Socioeconomical vision				SOCI
	Users						USUA
	Information sources				RINF
	Information					INFO
	Education					EDUC
	Interface					IFAZ
	Health						SALU
	Networks					REDS
	Genre						GENR
	Democracy					DEMO
	Other TEIC					TEIC
	Observing Tecnology				VIGI
	Virtual Communities				COMU
	Global 						GLOB
	Telecom (relation)				TELE
	Librarians - Cybernauts				BIBL
	Formation, Sensibilisation			FORM
	Dominican Republic				DO
	The whole world					WW
	Haiti						HT
	The Caribbean					CA
	Venezuela					VE	
	Africa						AF
	Latin America					AL
	Asia						AS
	Latin America and The Caribbean			AC
	Eastern Europe				 	EE
	Standard ISO 		XX
	Spanish		C		English		E
	French		F		Italian	 	I
	Other		O
	From 1988 until 1996

Copyright © 1995-97 FUNREDES, Network and Development Foundation