(January - October 1998)

Reminder: The Situation in January

In January, we released a "what's new". Without any doubt, the main piece of news was the announcement according to which we were going to freeze our site in order to offer you, in springtime, a new version in which the following modifications were planned:

Failure and Explanations

We were not able to stick to our plan, and we would like to apologize to you. The lack of human resources was the principal cause.

What have we done since January?

Converting all the documents of the Gopher into HTML format has been a very heavy work, which was patiently carried out by Amauris Espinal. It still needs to be finalized, but you may already wish to have a look at it, at:

As far as the other parts of the workplan are concerned, the first internal documents have been produced, but the working process has not been followed. The main two reasons why that happened are: some more or less predictable changes of personnel, and other projects which have reached various degrees of realization.

Our Personnel

Comparing with last January, three people remain in Funredes :

These people had to leave:

Various Dominican trainees have worked since January in Funredes, as well as a young French MBA student, Éric Quintane, who came late July to work as a voluntary during one month and half. He designed a new brochure for our NGO.

Finally, two youngsters arrived some time ago:

Our Other Activities

Our Projects

Running an NGO being what it is (see, in Spanish, the information relative to our budget, in the version we released last January), we have, since the beginning of year, chosen to give the priority to projects likely to provide us with some funds - the answer to various calls for proposals being as important as the realization of financed projects. The achievements are:

As far as the individuals of Funredes are concerned, and not to the team as a whole, Daniel Pimienta worked as a consultant for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Zimbabwe. His mission there, during the month of March, dealed with the regulation on the Internet. A workshop was organized as well, on the basis of the Internet seminars of Funredes.

Also, we have been pleased to host on our server the Web site corresponding to the final project of a former trainee of Funredes, a young computer student of the UASD, Wilson Taveras. With his project team, he created this summer a site devoted to Mao, his birthplace, located in the Northern part of the country.

As far as the formulated projects are concerned:

We have recently signed three projects:


In addition, Funredes has kept on ensuring its role of research, and its members took part in several conferences and seminars, remotely or physically; among the later ones:

It is also necessary to note here the participation of Amauris Espinal in the workshop WALC98, organized in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) as a pre-activity of INET'98. This training was made possible thanks to a grant by the Internet Society, who organized this workshop.

Research and publications

In addition, the role of our NGO is not only to act directly, but also to do some research and to publish; Daniel Pimienta has published this year an article entitled "Efficient Multilingual Electronic Conferences for Congress Follow-up, Virtual University, and participative democraty", for the International Congress on Water held in Beirut (Lebanon) from June 18 to June 20.

Within another framework of publication, we have sent this year three proposals for the conference INET'99 organized by the Internet Society, on various topics:

Others (or: "A couple of other situations that take time...")

Two events have occurred in the past six months, which are distincts by nature but which both have had an impact on Funredes:

And now...

And now, that are we going to do? Are we going, once again, to build plans which fail, and never going to present you a "new Funredes"? Not at all! We have taken a series of good resolutions, to which we will try to stick:

In comparison with the previous workplan, we have brought several innovations:

We thus hope to be able to present you a first "new version" of the site at the end of December. The work on the very structure should begin in January 1999.

Thank you to follow us in our process. Please feel free to send to us your comments on the site, its improvements, its possible problems, etc., directly at Catherine Dhaussy: <>.

Report from January to October 1998

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