Water-related links

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The web sites we are going to present you do not have any direct relationship with the Beiruth international conference, nor with FUNREDES. They have been selected here because they deal with themes related with water problems. Neither the organizing committee of the conference nor FUNREDES is responsible for the content of those web sites.

The list has been divided into several parts, according to the subject of the site. As far as the language is concerned, it is indicated by a letter into brackets: (F) for the sites written in French, (E) for English-speaking ones, (S) if you are likely to read documents in Spanish.

These pages are still incomplete. They will be updated during the days and weeks to come. Feel free to come back! And if you know any interesting site on fresh water which is not mentioned here, please send us a message indicating the URL at Catherine Dhaussy, <catherine@funredes.org>.