Mailing lists in relation with the international Congress of Beirut

For the follow-up of the Beirut Congress and also for all the people who cannot go to Beirut, but are interested in the theme of the Congress, three lists of discussion have been opened.

They are forums ensuring the diffusion by e-mail of individual messages: to be subscribed to a list makes it possible to a person to send a mail to several people -- the members of the list.

These are three lists, one by language of discussion: for French, for Spanish and for English. You can choose to be member of one, two or three lists.

These lists are not moderated: that means that all the messages that a member of a list sends to the listserv are directly sent to all the members of the list, without being, at first, read by the moderator. You are then urged to follow strictly the "netiquette", i.e. the rules of electronic communication.

These lists are open: the subscription to those lists is made sending an e.mail to with subscribe water in the body of the message. As an answer you will receive an e.mail which will explain various points, including how to leave the listserv.

The contributions to the lists are archived on this Web site. You can consult them in this hypermail document, which is common to the three lists.

If you wish more information on these three lists, you may want to send a message to <> with the following text: